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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

Nov 16, 2023

Scott Strode, sober for over 25 years, is the Executive Director of The Phoenix, a transformational nonprofit he founded in 2006. The Phoenix harnesses the power of connection to ignite a movement that’s changing how society looks at addiction and recovery. The Phoenix provides free programs both in-person and virtually, across the globe, including yoga, climbing, music, CrossFit, art, and more. The only cost to participate is 48 hours of sobriety. Scott says, “It might be the activity that brings someone in, but it’s the community of sober friendships that keeps them coming back.” This spark of hope for recovery, that Scott himself experienced, has continued to grow and help thousands rise from addiction. Not limited to those in recovery, The Phoenix movement is for anyone who has been impacted by substance use disorder — because the solution to the addiction crisis lives in all of us. This is our movement! To learn more, or to connect with our community, volunteer, or donate, please go to

 The Phoenix is a national sober active community that provides free, active, and meaningful programming—ranging from yoga and rock climbing to CrossFit and art—to individuals impacted by substance use. The Phoenix fosters a welcoming and safe community where participants, with a minimum of 48 hours of sobriety, can heal and grow together. The organization has achieved remarkable results: 83% of members report sustained sobriety after three months of participation. In 2022, The Phoenix realized a gap in recovery support in the music industry despite the fact that addiction disproportionately affects the music industry – 56% of music industry professionals cite problematic substance use (Source: Tulane University School of Social Work 2022), so they partnered with Stand Together Music and Stand Together Foundation to launch 1 Million Strong—an impact initiative to support one million people impacted by substance use, starting in the music industry. Over the past year, 1MS has hosted sober-supportive retreats at over a dozen renowned music festivals, supporting hundreds of thousands of fans. Positioned strategically amid the festival's heart, these retreats offer a VIP-like experience with mocktails, The Phoenix programming (like guided meditations and yoga) and a supportive atmosphere to meet other likeminded people. The impact of these events are undeniable: Since the launch of 1MS in September 2022, The Phoenix has had nearly 140,000 new members join the community. We’re not slowing down the tempo – 1 Million Strong will be hosting sober-supportive retreats at In Between Days, Park City Song Sumit, Bourbon & Beyond, Telluride Blues & Brews, Louder than Life, and Camp Flog Gnaw between now and the end of the year and planning for a festival-filled 2024! The Phoenix and 1 Million Strong are transforming how America approaches addiction, so those in recovery can go from surviving to truly living. Scott’s personal story and work with The Phoenix and 1 Million Strong could offer your listeners a fresh perspective on the power of connection in overcoming addiction.

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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

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