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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

Dec 15, 2022

Kay Sumner is an Emmy Nominated Producer and Film Director. She has extensive production experience, including three Emmy nominations and two People’s Choice awards as the Co-Creator and Producer for The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.

​She and her husband, Murray Sumner, established the non-profit foundation, Not One More Time in 2018 for the purposes of creating, packaging, and disseminating film, print, and media educational content.

The motivation for its creation was due to the unfortunate loss of their 43 yr. old son to a drug overdose. They struggled to understand how this could have happened and how it could have been prevented. 

Filmmakers by profession, they chose to channel their grief and turn their talents into creating a documentary that would expose the destructive path that opioids can cause in the lives of everyday normal people. The result is a critically acclaimed 54 min. documentary film entitled “SURVIVORS’.  It is the assembled stories of the journey to freedom from addiction.

The documentary SURVIVORS (2021): UNTOLD STORIES IN AMERICA'S OPIOID CRISIS is Kay's directorial debut. It details real stories of opioid recoveries and losses and has won multiple best feature documentary awards.