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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

Apr 28, 2022

Nadia Davis is the recipient of multiple state and national public service awards and has been a public figure in California for over two decades. As a young high-profile lawyer, Nadia served on the school board and represented the wrongfully convicted. She then led local and state efforts to improve collaboration of services for victims of interpersonal violence and was elected as county supervisor. She is the former long-time spouse of Bill Lockyer, California’s former Attorney General and Treasurer, with whom she now happily co-parents. Her experience with PTSD and addiction in the trenches of a highly publicized abusive relationship led Davis through the challenges of public shaming, injustice, arrests, mandated treatment, and a total lack of privacy for personal issues.

Her memoir, Home is Within You, details her courageous journey to wholeness and health in a powerful homage to finding one's truth and worth. Nadia captures heritage, justice, and personal recovery into a tour de force utilizing prose, poetry, and letters to her sons. It is also a defense of privacy and motherhood, as well as a call to action against shaming of women and ineffective, often damaging policies toward struggling families.  Davis suggests more compassionate methods of treatment and restorative justice enabling those in recovery from trauma and addiction to ultimately find their personal truth and strength within.