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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

May 12, 2022

I'm Lea, a speech-language pathologist, mother, wife and teletherapy content developer. After two years of recovery and sobriety, I took the deep dive to write the book I needed to hear while I was neck deep in the darkness and despair of my husband's active addiction. I needed to hear the true story of someone who overcame incredible odds and came out better, stronger, and happier from their struggles. I never found the book I needed so I had no choice but to write it myself. With the help of copious amounts of coffee, my Al-Anon group, friends, and family, a fantastic editor and a graphic designer, I made my dream into print, audibook and e-reader form. But honestly I wanted to give up. I only stuck with it because I wanted to tell my story with the hope that someone would feel less alone. Feeling alone is the absolute worst feeling.


I love to write and spend my time editing a state park newsletter (save the red bellied turtles!), teaching literacy to kindergarteners as a volunteer in my son's classroom, developing teletherapy content for use with children with special needs, and posting on social media about recovery and checking on my senior neighbors.