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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

May 4, 2023

From a small town in Southeast Missouri, Jen Zoë had always been fascinated with horses. Her career with horses, however, did not begin until the age of 30 when she started taking horseback riding lessons. She quickly realized that the traditional way of training horses was archaic - using negative tools to control these majestic animals that have so much to offer humans. So after some in depth research, she found a form of natural horsemanship that put the relationship between horse and human first. It was based on the foundation of all relationships - communication, rapport, respect and trust. She dove right into the deep end to understand everything about horses.

Overnight, outside of her horses, Jen’s life fell like a house of cards. She discovered her ex-husband was going to prison for theft and fraud, leaving her broke and homeless with horses,Despite what common sense and the world told her to do, she decided to attend a personal development seminar. At this event, she had a one on one intervention with Tony Robbins that completely shattered her old belief systems and allowed her to step into the woman she is today. This is where she realized that what Tony does with people, she does with horses. She saw a deeper connection and knew that the two worlds had to be brought together.

Over the past 19  years, Jen has tirelessly studied not just horses, but communication, human behavior, trust, relationships and personal development in order to create these life-changing experiences available at Zenerjen. The experiences Jen and her thousands of clients have experienced are not a fluke. Her brother, who was a former Naval officer and had passed away from a drug overdose, inspired her to deepen her work and serve those who had suffered from trauma, addiction and difficult relationships. Science has proven that horses not only directly reflect human emotions during an interaction, but can help to release mental and emotional traumas that hold us back from our true potential. They allow us to see ourselves in an egoless mirror for self-reflection and personal growth in all areas of our lives. Zenerjen horses, paired with the facilitation of our experts give participants unforgettable life changing experiences that foster confidence, leadership, healing and communication. Zenerjen believes that everyone deserves a positive, life-changing experience with a horse that maintains the dignity of the animal.

She now leads virtual and onsite programs using The Zenerjen Method of Equine Assisted Empowerment to help transform lives through the spirit of the horse. She works with people from all walks of life and all parts of the world, creating breakthroughs with her seminars, training, and retreats.

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