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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

Jun 1, 2023

I founded APALD-Association of People Against Lethal Drugs as a result of losing my son Jordan Garmatter to Illicit Fentanyl on 4/6/19.
My son suffered from Substance Use Disorder. He was drug free for 8 months when he developed a wisdom tooth growing in the wrong way. His face was swollen and in pain. He worked part time and only had Medicaid insurance so he couldn't get in to a dentist for two weeks out. Jordan continued to work with this extreme pain but with one week left to see the dentist he made the mistake to go get Drugs to relieve his pain. But what he got was almost 100% Fentanyl.  Enough to kill 8 people in his system. My son didn't ask for Fentanyl. The drug dealer made that choice to give him that and didn't tell him it was Fentanyl. 
So when I got the toxicology report and found out it was Fentanyl that killed him I got very angry as I looked it up and discovered it came from China then to Mexico and across our borders. So I thought to myself,  I have to do something! So I founded APALD. 
Since founding APALD we have had two national rallies. We are getting set for our 3rd Annual APALD Nationwide Rallies on May 6th. 
Our message is to bring awareness to Illicit Fentanyl which is the leading cause of death in America ages 18-45.  These Fentanyl Poisonings must stop. We are losing a whole generation to this Lethal drug.

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