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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

Oct 21, 2021

Danielle Gregorich is an Arizona native.  She is an Air Force wife and a sober Mom of two children.                

She is a multiple suicide attempt survivor, a kidney cancer survivor, and a stroke survivor.  
DG started writing about her sobriety publicly in 2018 after she suffered a massive stroke four months into her sobriety journey. ----That stroke took away her ability to speak, read, and write. Her speech therapist suggested that she write to stimulate her brain function to regain these abilities.

She wrote authentically and raw about her struggles with sobriety, marriage, and motherhood. Writing quickly became therapeutic and played a crucial role during her first year of sobriety.

During DG's first year of sobriety, she overcame multiple struggles and obstacles. Sobriety did not come easily for Danielle, but she embraced the suck of sobriety, with faith and hope that she would experience the miracle and the promises.  
She wrote Stroke of Sobriety - The Essential Daily Guide - Embracing the suck of sobriety, in hopes that she will inspire someone to not give up before the miracle.  Her book is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.  She will be publishing her second book titled: Stroke of Strength on 11.11.21.