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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

Sep 23, 2021

Josh Torbich is the Executive Director of Christian Recovery Centers Inc. He also serves as the Director of the Ocean Isle Beach Celebrate Recovery and is the chairman of the Brunswick County Opioid Task Force. He holds a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis on Business Management and Christian Leadership.

He was born in Johnston County, North Carolina to a great Christian mother and father. He excelled at a young age on the baseball and football field and proved to be a good student. At the age of 13 he began to experiment with drugs and alcohol which soon led to a full-blown heroin addiction by the age of 18. His attempt at managing his college studies with his heroin addiction and party lifestyle failed miserably.

He finally reached the point in his life where he was ready to receive new instruction and in 2012 Josh made a decision to seek help for his chemical addiction. After having a genuine encounter with Almighty God, he experienced a call to service. As he began to find freedom for the first time in his life he developed a desire to help others experience this freedom.

He has made it his mission to reach people who have been ravaged by the illness of addiction and show them a new path of freedom. Creating opportunities for others to receive a new hope for the future is what drives him.