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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

Sep 30, 2021

John Luppo is a Modern Day Miracle.  He is a man who has endured much trauma, tragedy, and loss. His life is seriously what Hollywood Movies are made of. Raised on the streets of New York City in the borough of the Bronx in an Italian Catholic family he went on to become a very successful Wall Street executive.

This led him to live a very fast life and all the trials that came with it. Alcohol, drugs, gambling and womanizing became the oxygen he breathed while becoming more and more successful, until his brother’s tragic death by overdose sent his life spiraling out of control and into rehab.


John stayed sober for 2 years, then a lifestyle of the Wall St. fast life got to him.

The next 15 years his life was a roller coaster. He made millions and lost it, had 5 houses, numerous engagements and many girlfriends. With a life of being unfulfilled he came to his knees at 40 years old and got sober.

He became dear friends with Pati Burke who was also in recovery and one day he found Pati dead from complications related to addiction. This tragic event inspired John to launch a great crusade in which he made a documentary called Modern Day Miracles. A movie about recovery from the disease of addiction dedicated in memory of Pati and John’s brother Robert Luppo.


John reached out to his childhood hero Darryl Strawberry who played for the New York Mets and New York Yankees, who also had his trials in the past from addiction, to be in the documentary. It was not until after further searching for God, John was at a dinner one night and a divine appointment happened. Darryl was in attendance and came up to John telling him about Jesus. In that moment John accepted Jesus and his journey with Gods love and grace started.

Darryl also played an instrumental role in introducing John to the woman who he is blessed to call his wife, Chris Luppo.


John is on fire for God and has dedicated his life to tHe is an Ordained Evangelist Minister. John is also Darryl Strawberry’s manager and travels with him. Traveling across the USA to churches to tell their testimony in hopes to help others. John now has a Bible study on Wall Street, leading people to the Lord weekly. He has created companies centered around his faith that help those in need.

John strives to make an impression on everyone he meets. From the homeless man he sees on the street, to the millionaire. From just paying for a meal, or saying God bless you, to leading someone to Christ. John always loves helping people be delivered into Gods gracious arms.

John frequently speaks at prisons and also at schools to kids about overcoming obstacles and staying away from drugs. Because of John’s salvation, he now has a beautiful family, with two precious grandchildren, a great outlook on business and most importantly, a life filled of God. Miracles occur everyday and John is an example of this and what having a relationship with God will do in your life to bring you Eternal Salvation.