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The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

Dec 16, 2021

Constance Scharff, PhD is an internationally recognized speaker and author on the topics of addiction recovery and mental health. She most recently served Rock to Recovery, a music-based addiction and trauma treatment program, as VP Business Development, and Science and Research Chair. Previously, Dr. Scharff was Senior Addiction Research Fellow and Director of Addiction Research for a luxury addiction treatment center based in Malibu, California. She is the 2019 recipient of St. Lawrence University’s Sol Feinstone Humanitarian Award, honoring her service to and advocacy for those suffering from mental illness, trauma, and addiction.

Dr. Scharff’s writing centers around using complementary health and contemplative practices to improve treatment outcomes. Her latest book, "Rock to Recovery: Music as a Catalyst for Human Transformation," written with Rock to Recovery founder Wes Geer, describes the impact songwriting and performance has on mental health. She is also coauthor of the #1 best-selling book, "Ending Addiction for Good" and the award-winning poetry book "Meeting God at Midnight." At present, she is working on a memoir titled "Becoming Beloved," about healing from addiction and trauma.

Dr. Scharff regularly travels the world speaking, teaching and advocating for compassionate health practices that destigmatize mental health problems.